potty training book

How is it possible that there are more problems with toilet training now than in the past?

This question gave me no rest.

It was clear to me that something was "not working" properly in the modern toilet training process.

I believe that people in general, and parents in particular, often find themselves trapped in outdated perceptions.

Yet I know that parents can be taught to think outside the box about the process of toilet training, just like I did.

I believe that you – the young, thinking and critical parent who wants the best for your children – will be ready to open your mind to fresh thinking and gain insight into an approach to toilet training that is different and far superior to the prevalent and problematic way.

I know that you will connect to the common sense of the concept presented in my book and have great success with it, and as I did with my four children.

You, too, will be convinced of the validity of my approach when it comes to toilet train your child.

Man considers himself to be the crown of creation. Yet, ironically, man is the only being whose offspring walk around for years immersed in their own excreta.

Up until the invention of disposable diapers, toddlers used to be toilet trained at the age of 12-18 months.

Today they continue to wear diapers until age two, three, or even four! This delay comes at a price: harm to the physical and mental health of toddlers and parents and damage to the family budget and the environment.

Multiple books have been written about toilet training, but this unique volume breaks away from prevailing conventions and reveals the causes behind the harmful tendency to postpone training. It offers parents a practical and proven method for weaning toddlers off diapers at an early  (or any) age, resulting in enhanced hygiene, health, and self-confidence for their toddlers and an infinitely more pleasant parenting experience.

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